Italian Flag Ferrari 400 SuperAmerica ~ 1959-64

The Ferrari 400 Superamerica naturally replaced the 410 Superamerica (visit file) in late 1959 even if the nomenclature could make you think otherwise. The 2600 mm (102 in) short wheelbase chassis was the same as the 410 with its tubular ladder frame layout, but now Dunlop Disc brakes were fitted to stop this increasingly heavy Grand Tourer.

The coachwork was all hand-built and no two 400 Superamericas were alike. Most of them were being built by Pininfarina (now spelled in one word) with the same visual feel found in the previous 410 Superamerica series. All were accentuated by a set of beautiful Borrani wire wheels.

The engine is what changed on the 400. Ferrari put aside the 5 liter (303 cu in) long block Lampredi V12 engine for the smaller V12 Colombo engine. The Colombo unit was bored-out to 4 liter (242 cu in), and developed the same claimed power of 340 hp at a higher 7000 rpm. But the 340 lb-ft of torque at 4700 rpm came down from the 410 series III to a more modest 235 lb-ft at 4500 rpm.

The Ferrari 400 Superamerica series II was produced from 1962 to 1964 and had the same engine and power output as the first series. This time the longer wheelbase chassis of 2800 mm (110.2 in) was used, allowing for a smoother ride at high speed than on the shorter Series I chassis. All twenty-two series II 400 Superamericas were handmade, and all bespoke to each customer’s demands.

The body color-coded metal dashboard was pure 50’s style with its Veglia dials and three branch Nardi wooden steering wheel.

Out of all the 48 Ferrari 400 Superamericas produced, 18 were made in the “Aerodynamico” style, which had a round and swooping rear design like a fastback. The taillights were incased in the chrome rear bumper, meanwhile the front-end could be found with exposed headlights on the 1st Aerodynamico series, or with covered headlights on the 2nd series.

The Ferrari 400 Superamerica wasn’t the ultimate Grand Tourer, this would come with the introduction of the next and last of this super plush, powerful and custom made series, the Ferrari 500 Superfast.


Ferrari 400 SuperAmerica Specifications
Model/Year Ferrari 400 SA Series I/ 1959-62 Ferrari 400 SA Series II/ 1962-64
Designer Pinin Farina  
Engine Type V12 @ 60˚, SOHC. 2V  
Capacity 3967 cc / 242 cu in  
Fuel Feed 3 Weber 42 DCN carb.  
Power 340 hp @ 7000 rpm  
Torque 235 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm  
Transmission 4 speed w/ overdrive - RWD  
Top Speed 168 mph - 270 km/h  
"0-60" mph - 0-100 km/h 6 sec  
Chassis Oval tubular, ladder type  
Weelbase 2420 mm / 95.3 in 2800 mm / 110.2 in
Front Suspension Wishbone, Coil Springs  
Rear Suspension Live Axle  
Brakes Disc Front / Drums Rear  
Front Tires 185-15 in  
Rear Tires 185-15 in  
Steering Worm & sector  
Weight 3086 lb / 1400 kg (depending on coachwork)  
Country of Origin Italy  
Production Num. 26 (Series I) 48 total 22 (SeriesII) 48 Total