Italian Flag Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica ~ 1955-59

Ferrari’s reputation for top-end sports cars was fast arising, and the lucrative American market was already hooked on Ferrari’s expensive street masterpieces. These American customers needed bigger and torquier engines with more luxurious appointments. So the 340/342/375 America series blueprint (visit file) was kept to inspire the creation of the 1955 Ferrari 410 Superamerica.Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica

The ladder tube chassis received a longer wheelbase of 2800 mm (110.2 in) and was widened as well. The engine was still the “Long Block” Lampredi single-cam V12, but it was now bored out to a 5 liter (303 cu in) unit and developed 340 hp at 6000 rpm. Like the “America” series, all 410 Superamericas were handmade by different coachbuilders, and all are different even when styled by the same designer. Available in coupe or cabriolet, the 410 Superamerica was mostly dressed by Pinin Farina who took inspiration from his previous creation, the 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa. In general, the 410 Superamerica received imposing front side slated fender air vents, a low roofline, and a panoramic rear window. Although most 410 Superamericas received exposed vertical headlights some later on received profiled covered units. As usual, Borrani wire wheels were fitted, and for a better ride on long journeys, front coil springs replaced the antiquated old spring leaf system.

Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica interiorThe interior could also differ from one another, but Veglia dials and the usual wooden three-branch Nardi steering wheel was part of the package.

Ferrari 410 Superamerica interiorAfter 16 Ferrari 410 “Series I” were made, the Ferrari 410 Superamerica “Series II” was introduced in 1957 with a shorter chassis of 8 in (20 cm) for a grand total of 2600 mm (102 in). It now produced 360 hp and was the most powerful Ferrari produced so far with only six built until the 410 Superamerica “Series III” arrived in 1958.

The 410 Series III, 2600 mm (102.4 in) shorter chassis was used, but here the power reached new heights with a claimed 400 hp now giving a top speed over 150 mph (241 km/h). The 0-60 mph was achieved in an incredible 5.5 seconds instead of the 6.5 seconds done by the first series. The series III was produced at 12 units only, totaling the production of the 410 Superamerica series at 34 cars before its replacement came under the name of the 400 Superamerica.


Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica Specifications
Model/Year Ferrari 410 Series I / 1955-57 Ferrari 410 Series II / 1957 Ferrari 410 Series III / 1958-59
Designer Ghia, Boano, Pinin Farina    
Engine Type V12 @ 60˚, SOHC. 2V    
Capacity 4961 cc / 303 cu in    
Fuel Feed 3 Weber carb    
Power 340 hp @ 6000 rpm 360 hp @ 6000 rpm 400 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque 311 lb-ft 5000 rpm   340 lb-ft 4700 rpm
Transmission 4 speed - RWD    
Top Speed 150 mph - 241 km/h    
"0-60" mph
0-100 km/h
6.5 sec    
Chassis Oval tubular, ladder type    
Weelbase 2800 mm / 110.2 in 2600 mm / 102.4 in 2600 mm / 102.4 in
Front Suspension Double Wishbones, Coil Springs.    
Rear Suspension Semi-elliptic leave springs (live axle)    
Brakes Drums    
Front Tires 16 x 6 in wheels    
Rear Tires 16 x 6 in wheels    
Steering Worm & Wheel    
Weight 2976 lb / 1350 kg (depending on coachwork)    
Country of Origin Italy    
Production Num. 16 (Series I) - 34 Total 6 (Series II) - 34 Total 12 (Series III) - 34 Total
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - All leather trimmed interior.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Nicely integrated
tail lights on these elegant fins.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Clean rear-end of a true Grand Tourer.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Long & elegant
chrome accents on the hood air-scoop.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Front-end of a later 1959 model.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Long stretched
shoulder line on this grand cruiser.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Early metal dashboard.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Long & imposing hood.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Rear-end with small fins.
Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica - Early front-end model.