Focus by Defocus

“Focus by Defocus©” is a unique photo processing style created by French-born Johnny Pereira (Le Plessis Trevise, 1er Octobre 1970), now living in Wilmington, NC, USA. This photo processing technique can be seen applied at

“Focus by Defocus” emphasize the main subject by defocusing with effects or blurs distracting picture elements or people for the viewer's entertainment purposes.

When “Focus by Defocus” is applied a more 3 Dimensional composition is rendered.

focus by defocus, Ferrari 328 GTS blank icon Focus by Defocus, Ferrari 275 GTB

Also Focus by Defocus renders pictures in a more "painting" like and "frozen in time" way on elements where the technique Focus by Defocus is applied, while in comparison the main in focused subject is now viewed as more “alive”.

Focus by Defocus also creates a pleasant visual sense of detachment from the area on the photo affected by this unique photo processing, as if it were from "another moment in time" or "parallel dimension", producing a more "theatrical scene" and drawing the viewer in to the focused composition.

Focus by Defocus, Ferrari California T blank icon Focus by Defocus, Ferrari F355 Spider

More than one “Focus by defocus” layer can be applied to distinct different group elements. This enables each groups element or layers to be visually more distinct and have their own plan of dimension within the picture while still allowing the main subject to remain clear, detached and the focal point of the picture. (Pic 5-6 below)

Focus by Defocus, Ferrari FF blank icon Focus by Defocus, Ferrari 250 GTE